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A.J. Rasayana


A.J rasayana is a preparation for swasa (breathing disorders).
Its usage:
All types of cough, cold, asthma, congestion in respiratory tract, Upper and lower respiatory diseases, sinusitis, Bronchial infection, Running nose, Headache, Indigestion, Constipation etc.
MODE OF ACTION: it removes phlegm accumulation in the respiratory tract, it prevents the formation of phlegm relives constipation, Strengthens respiratory system & increases resistance powder.
Adults ; 5 to 10 gms, two times a day, before food. Children ; 3 to 6 gms : two times a day, before food.
Diet Restrictions:
Avoid cold water, Banana, Milk & Milk products, oil stuff, Ice cream, Foods stored in fridge, Also avoid exposure to dust, in wind, Smoke etc.,
Useful Diet:
Food and medicines which are laxative, wheal, horse gram, Garlic & Hot water are good for cough, cold & Asthamatic Patient
Aj - cough choorna 200mg, Akar kara (anacyclus pyrethirum) 100mg, Dasahamula 200mg, Maricha 200mg, Pippali 200mg, Vasaka 200mg, Vidari kanda 800mg, Sariva 200mg, Gokshura 200mg, Madhu 500mg,