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Alopacid Capsules

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Alopacid Capsules
GASTRO-INTESTINAL DISORDERS is mainly due to imbalance in the GI mucosa, which is protected by several defense mechanisms: Mucosal production of mucus and HCO3 creates a pH gradient from the gastric lumen with low pH to the mucosa with neutral pH.
The mucus serves as a barrier for diffusion of acid and pepsin. Epithelial cells remove excess hydrogen ions (H+) via membrane transport systems and prevent back diffusion of hydrogen ions. Mucosal blood flow removes excess acid that has diffused across the epithelial layer. Prostaglandins also help in maintenance of normal mucosal integrity. If there is any imbalance it leads to GI disorders like heartburn, hyperacidity, acid eructation's, oesophagitis and gastritis., ALOPACID a balanced herbal antacid, normalizes the acidity.
Mode of Action
ALOPACID neutralizes acid secretion, ALOPACID avoid reflux and improves mucosal resistance, maintains optimum pH, relieves epigastric pain and dyspepsia.
1 Amalaki Emblica officinale 200 mgs Neutralises acid secretion
2 Amlapittantaka rasa - 25 mgs Antiflatulent & Antacid
3 Jatamansi Nardostachy's jatamansi 25 mgs Demulscent, Anxiolytic
4 Kamadugha rasa - 25 mgs Neut acid secretion, Antiflatulent
5 Kapardica bhasma - 100 mgs Neut acid secretion, Antiflatulent
6 Narikela lavana - 25 mgs Antiflatulent & Antacid
7 Shanka bhasma - 150 mgs Neut acid secretion, Antiflatulent
8 Sutashekara rasa - 25 mgs Antiflatulent & Antacid
9 Yashthimadhu Glycyrrhiza glabra 250 mgs Carminative, fast healing of ulcers
One capsule three times a day.
» Heart burn, 
» Acid erucations, 
» Hyperacidity
» Oesophagitis, 
» Gastritis.