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Aloprot D Powder


Aloprot D Powder
Prevention is the key to improved health throughout your life. Diet is an essential element in any program of disease prevention. "Health is Wealth". No medical history is complete without enquiring about the patients food and drink intake. What people eat is one of the major environmental influences that affect health. Lack of food or essential nutrients in Diet leads to disease. 
1 Calcium 800 mgs Builds & Strengthens bones
2 Calcium Pantothenate 60 m celgs Required for cellular metabolism
3 Chromium 250 mcg Regulates blood sugar levels
4 Complex Carbohydrates 55 gms Provides instant energy
5 Copper 6.3 mgs Necessary for iron metabolism
6 Dietary Fibres 6.5 gms Provides laxative effect
7 Folic acid 2.5 mgs Necessary for growth & development of all body cells
8 Glucosamine sulphate 300 mg Helps maintain joint health
9 Iodine 200 mcg Regulates energy metabolism
10 Iron 10 mgs Checks anemia
11 Maganese 2.8 mgs Antioxidant
12 Methyl sulphonyl methane 200 mg Antioxidant, aids carbohydrate metabolism, detoxification & provides energy to body
13 Nicotinamide 75 mgs Helps in self utilisation of nutrients
14 Phosphorus 400 mgs Forms major component of mineral part of bone
15 Protein 25 gms Ensures high protein along with fibre vitamins & minerals
16 Selenium 60 mcg Antioxidant
17 Vitamin A 4500 I U Growth & development of epithelial tissues
18 Vitamin B1 10 mgs Helps in carbohydrate metabolism
19 Vitamin B12 10 mcg Boosts immune system
20 Vitamin B2 10 mgs Maintains immune system
21 Vitamin B6 HCL 5 mgs Protein metabolism, help in development of body
22 Vitamin C 100 mgs Boosts immune system
23 Vitamin D 750 I U Helps in proper mineralisation of bone
24 Vitamin E 60 I U Antioxidant
25 Zinc 25 mgs Antioxidant, Protein metabolism
26 Excipients qs  
Add 1 teaspoonful of Aloprot D powder to a cup of warm milk and stir to make a delicious drink.
Take Aloprot D twice daily
Aloprot D is a complete nutrition supplement for Diabetic patients