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AVN Arthoven Tablets


The Arthoven Tablet is a safe anti-inflammatory and immuno-modulator for long term use.

Each tablet is made from 850 mg of medicament comprising of the concentrated aqueous extracts from
» Tinospora cordifolia : Guduchi or Giloya.
» Asteracantha longifolia : Kokilaksha.
» Boerhaavia diffusa : Punarnava.
» Gmelina arborea, Aegle marmelos, Stereospermum suaveolens, Oroxylum indicum, Premna corymbosa, Solanum indicum, Aerva lenata, Desmodium gangeticum, Pseudarthria viscida, Tribulus terrestris.
» Commiphora : Mukul (Guggulu).

Mode Of Action
» Tinospora cordifolia provides with potent immuno modulatory action
» Astercantha longifolia, Boerhaavia diffusa & Tribulus tererestris have anti-oedematous effect.
» Dashamoola helps to prevent inflammation and skeleto muscular degeneration.
» Commiphora mukul is a known anti-infllammatory agent.

» Sinovitis
» Enthesopathy
» Crystal induced synovitis
» Poly myositis
» Cartilage degeneration
» Rheumatoid arthritis
» Auto immune collagen disease
» Ankylosing spondylosis
» Gout
» Dermato Myositis
» Osteo arthritis
» Other inflammations of the skeleto muscular system.

2-3 tablets twice or thrice daily

May be used for very long period of time with safety.