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AVN Bonnibabe Growth Tonic

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We are a reliable name for availing Ayurvedic Child Care Syrup. Our Ayurvedic Child Care Syrup known for its instant and effective action. Provided under the brand name of Bonnibabe Tonic, the Ayurvedic Child Care Syrup is an appetite stimulant, Digestive Tonic and growth promoter. Free from any side-effects, the Ayurvedic Child Care Syrup is safe for the children. Our Ayurvedic Child Care Syrup comes in premium packaging for assuring safe transportation and delivery. 

Each 10 ml of syrup contains an aqueous extract from
» Aloe vera : Kumari
» Vitis vinifera : Draksha
» Withania somnifera : Aswagandha
» Cedrus deodara : Devadaru
» Desmodium gangeticum : Prsniparni
» Peucedanum graveolens : Satahva
» Cyperus rotundus : Musta
» Piper longum : Pippali
» Elettaria cardamomum : Ela
» Embelia ribes : Vidanga
» Holarrhena antidysenterica : Indrayava
» Psoralea corylifolia : Bakuci
» Coriandrum sativum : Dhanyaka
» Calophyllum inophyllum : Punnaga

Mode Of Action
» Piper longum, Cyperus rotundus and Elettaria cardamomum help to improve appetite.
» Cedrus deodara, Desmodium gangeticum & Peucedanum graveolens help to improve assimilation.
» Vitis vinnifera, Aloe vera and the six grains enhance liver functioning and thereby improve fat assimilation and metabolism.
» Cyperus rotundus helps to regulate bowel movements.
» Embelia ribes helps to prevent worm infestation.
» Vitis vinifera and Withania somnifera help to accelerate weight gain.

To improve overall health of babies and children and to accelerate growth as an Appetizer, Digestive & Growth promoter.

Children up to 1 year : 5 ml twice daily before food
Children from 1 to 5 years : 10ml twice daily before food
Children from 5 to 15 years : 15 ml twice daily before food

Packaging: 100 ml