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AVN Karkuntal Hair Oil


Karkuntal Hair Oil
Each 10ml is prepared from
Juice of Nilini Indifoderatinctoria 5.000gm
Bhringaraja Ecliptaalba 5.000gm
Amalaki Emblicaofficinalis 10.000gm
Nimba AzadirachtaIndica 20.000gm
Ksheera Cow'smilk 20.000gm
Narikela Ksheera Milk ofcocos nucifera 10.000gm
Past of Yashti Glycyrrhizaglabra 0.250gm
Gunja Abrusprecatorius 0.250gm
Narikela tailam Oil ofcocos nucifera 10.000ml
Kapoora Camphor 8.650mg
For lustrous growth of hair Prevents hair-fall, prematuregreying, dandruff & coarseness of hair. Cools the body and produces natural sound sleep. Can be used even by patients with sinusitis
Directions for use:
Apply gently on the scalp. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash with any herbal powder. Can be applied even after bath
For external use only
Note: Variations in the color of the product in some batches is natural because of the herbal ingredients used. This does not affect the efficacy of the productin any way .