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AVN Mahadhanwantaram Gulika


Most efficacious in overcoming all pregnancy troubles, stabilising the foetus and ensuring easy delivery.
This product can be used in place of DHANWANTARAM GULIKA or VAYU GULIKA for all : women and children.

Dosage :
For expectant mother without trouble :
take 1 pill with 25 ml of cuminseed decoction early morning empty stomach

For expectant mother having trouble :
repeat the intake in the evening and/or at intervals.

Cuminseed decoction can be used as the "vehicule" (anupana) in case of any trouble.

However, according to the trouble, another "vehicle" may be used for a better efficiency :

Incase of asthma, strained breathing, hiccup :

Make a decoction with :
»  Solanum indicum - roots : 15 gr
»  Graines de cumin : 10 gr
»  Gingembre séché : 5 gr
in 450 ml water and boil slowly up to 75 ml.

You can substitute Solanum indicum roots in the formula by :
»  Aegle marmelos (in case of vomiting)
»  Pseudarthria viscida - rootss (in case of diarrhoea)
»  Raisin and Chebulic mirobolan (in case of constipation)
»  Ajowan - Trachyspermum ammi (in case of indigestion)
»  Leucas aspera - roots (in case of stomachache)
»  Graines d'Aneth (in case of inactive bowels)
»  Dasamoola (in case of fever)
»  Vasaka - Adhatoda vasica (in case of cough, blood vomiting)
»  Punarnava - Boerhaavia diffusa (in case of dropsy)

In later pregnancy, a pill taken daily in a decoction of Cardiospermum hallicacabum or Sida cordifolia roots leads to easy delivery.