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AVN Niargim Tablets


The Niargim Tablets Safe & Effective Prophylaxis Against Migraine episodes & Tension Headaches.

Each tablet is made from 850 mg of medicament comprising of 
» Traditional formulation : Varanadi kasayam
» Traditional formulation : Drakshadi kasayam
» Bacopa monnieri : Brahmi
» Pluchea lanceolata : Rasna

Mode of action
» Varanadi Kashayam and Rasna act as anti-inflammatory agents through Prostaglandin suppression
» Drakshadi kashayam and Brahmi act on the 5 HT Receptors responsible for the local vaso-dilatation.

» Migraine
» Tension Headaches

Prophylaxis : 2 tablets twice daily for 8 weeks
Maintenance : 2 tablets only in nights
Acute attacks : 2 tablets thrice or four times