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AVP Ashta Choornam


Ashta Churnam is a herbal formulation in churna or powder form.

Its usage:

Loss of appetite, Indigestion, distaste,
Flatulence and Pain abdomen.

 ¼ to ½ teaspoon, two or three times daily administered along with ghee in first morsel of food or as directed by physician.

Side effects: May induce gastric irritation in higher dose, Used with caution in hypertensive patients as it contain salt.

Roga karma: Agnimandya, vatagulma, ajeerna and shula.

Dosha karma: Vatakaphahara.

Agni karma: Deepana

Other karma: Vatanulomaka, grahi, shulahara and srotoavarodahara

Ashta Churnam Ingredients:

Pippali  Piper longum    1 Part

Maricha                Piper nigrum     1 Part

Shunti   Zingiber officinalis          1 Part

Ajamoda              Carum roxburghianum  1 Part

Sainhava              Rock salt              1 Part

Sweta jeeraka   Cuminum cyminum        1 Part

Krishna jeeraka                Carom bulbocastanum  1 Part

Shuddha Hingu (Processed with Ghee)

Ferula asafoetida            1 Part

Preparation: The above ingredients are powdered separately and mixed together in specified quantity.

Reference : Sahasrayogam.