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AVP Aviltholadi Bhasmam


Aviltoladi Bhasma is a kshara or alkali preparation in bhasma or powder form.

Its usage:

In treating liver and spleen disorder.
Effect on tridoshas: balances pitta.


250 mg to 1 gram two times a day before or after food along with buttermilk or PREFERABLY as directed by the physician.

Aviltoladi Bhasma ingredients:

Equal parts of

Avittola – Indian Beech  (bark / seed) – Pongamia pinnata

Katalati – Apamarga – Achyarnthes aspera

Danti – Baliospermum montanum

Tapana – Arka – Calotropis procera

Chitra – Eranda – Castor – Ricinus communis

Vayalchulli – Kokilaksha – Hygrophila (root)- Asteracantha longifolia

Shampaka – Aragwadha – Cassia fistula

Kalliver – Snuhi – Euphorbia neriifolia L.

Rambha – Kadali – Banana tree – Musa paradisiaca

Special Method of Preparation

The drugs should be burnt in an uncovered earthen pot and ash should be obtained.

This is added with water and filtered. The liquid is added with buttermilk and fermented.

Reference: sahasrayoga.