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Ayu Care Lavana Tailam Slimming Oil

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Lavana Tailam Slimming Oil
Lavana Tailam Advanced Formula for Extra Figure Care
Most advanced Ayurveda formulation for abdomen reshaping and maintaining body figure. It removes superficial unwanted water content and prevents accumulation of fatty tissue under the skin. Reduce lipid fraction of physique and tightening muscles. Highly useful for excess body size and bulge belly, helps to maintain waist-hip ratio.

Direction of use:
Pour oil in hands gently rub and massage on belly in upward direction. Give fomentation with warm water or do mild abdomen exercise for a minimum of 15 minutes.

See Result In 1 Month
One bottle for 10 days. 3 bottles are needed for one month course

100 ml oil is prepared out of 
»  Rock salt 10gm
»  Acorus Calamus 2gm
»  Zingiber officinale 2gm
»  Trachyspermum roxburghianum 2gm
»  Dolichos biflorus 2gm
»  Setaria Italica 2gm
»  Curcuma longa 2gm
»  Ficus microcarpa 2gm
»  Ficus religiosa 2gm
»  Ficus bengalensis 2gm