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Ayurcare Anjana Tailam


Anjana Tailam
Ayu Care Ayurveda Hair Care for Men & Women
Ayucare Anjana Tailam Ayurvedic Medicine
Most advanced Ayurveda formulation for hair care. It gives natural black colour to hairs and prevents premature greying. It gives strength to hairs and prevents hair repture/fall, protects from dandruff. It tones up the hair follicle and induces hair growth by improving blood circulation in scalp area.
Direction for use:
Apply 5-10 ml gently on scalp prior to taking bath. Give massage gently for a few minutes on scalp with finger in the direction of hairs and keep for some time. After a minimum of 15 minutes rinse thoroughly with water and mild shampoo.
Shake well before use.
Each 100 ml Oil is prepared out of:
Collyrium 10 gm Ficus bengalensis 2 gm
Nardostachys jatamamsi 2gm Terminalia bellerica 2 gm
Glicyrrhiza glabra 2 gm Sida cordifolia 2 gm
Iron Powder 2 gm Terminalia chebula 2 gm
Emblica Officinalis 2 gm Terminalia bellerica 2 gm
Punica granatum 2 gm Tinospora cordifolia 100 gm
Eclipta alba 100 gm Indigofera tinctoria 100 gm
Saccharum officinarum 100 gm Cocos nucifera oil 100 ml