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Ayurwin Nutrigain Plus Capsules

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Nutrigain Plus Capslues
Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine
Gives smart shape and figure

A product made out of high quality nutritions & herbs. A speedy formulation for building muscles, maintaining fitness and to help gain weight. 100% vegetarian, with no side effects. Supplies vital minerals and energy required to gain weight. 

Indication for use of Ayurwin Nutrigain Plus Capsules :
» For Emaciation (Karshya), General Debility (Samanya Dourbalya) and auto immune diseases.
» Nutrigain Plus Capsules strengthens the body muscles when used along with Nutrigain Plus Granules for a period of 3 to 6 months.

Dosage of Ayurwin Nutrigain Plus Capsules :
Two Capsules daily (One capsule in the morning and one capsule in the evening).

Each 500mg Nutrigain Plus Capsules contains extracts of :
Ashwagandha 50mg, Amalaki 40mg, Gokshura 50mg, Mushali 50mg, Shatavari 50mg, Pippali 50mg, Maricha 50mg, Shunti 50mg, Ela 50mg, Jeeraka 50mg.

How to use Nutrigain Plus Capsules

Morning :
Soak Dry Dates in milk or water during night. Intake the same milk or water early the next morning along with the soaked dates. Instead of having Coffee or Tea, add two spoons of Nutrigain Plus Granules in hot milk or water, stir well and make tasty Nutrigain Plus drink on empty stomach. After breakfast have one big banana and then take one Nutrigain Plus Capsule. In between breakfast and Lunch if you feel hungry you may have 50gm of dry fruits like Badam, Pista, Dates and Dry Grapes.

Afternoon :
Have boiled vegetables as side dish along with lunch, complete the lunch with curd rice. After Luch have one big banana. Half to one hour of sleep post lunch is advised. In between Lunch and Dinner if you feel hungry, you may have dry fruits and snacks. In between 5pm and 6pm, instead of Tea or Coffee, you can have a cup of Nutrigain Plus tasty drink.

Night :
During dinner time, have healthy and good full meal with curd rice. after dinner, have one big banana and fresh fruits. Take one Nutrigain Plus Capsule after dinner. Before going to bed, if required, you may have one more glass of Nutrigain Plus Drink.

Note : Soak dry dates in milk or water during night, for the next morning.

Tips for the best results :
Do's :
Have nutritional and healthy food
Have big banana after taking breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Drink at least 3 to 4 litres of water.
Eat more dry fruits like Badam, Pista, Dates and Dry Grapes.
Always have boiled vegetables (beans, carrot, potatoes) and fresh fruits like Sapota (Chikku), apple, banana etc.
Have a brisk walk early in morning and relaxed walk after dinner.

Avoid coffee, tea and smoking. Avoid very spicy food and excess junk food.

Conclusion : The Food, dry fruits and other healthy foods consist of plenty of nutrients which will be absorbed by our body with the help Nutrigain Plus Granules and Nutrigain Plus Capsules.

For best results it is recommended to take Nutrigain Plus Granules and Nutrigain Plus Capsules together for 3 months.