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Ban Labs Acidinol Tablet

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Acidinol Tablet
A cool solution to Hyperacidity & Heart Burn
Hyperacidity causes troubles and if not checked upsets the stomach, G.I. Tract, produces ulcer and also upsets cardiac system and its functions.

Indication/usage of Acidinol Tablet:
» Hyper Acidity
» Heart Burn
» Dyspepsia
» Acid Eruption
» Gastritis, Flatulence
» Aphthous ulcers

Composition of Acidinol Tablet:
Each Tablet Contains:
» Amla (Phyllanthus Embelica) Ext. 20 mg.
» Pippari Jad (Piper Longum) 20 mg.
» Yashti Madhu (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) Ext. 10mg.
» Avipatikar Churna 70 mg.
» Siddhamrut Ras 40 mg.
» Praval Bhasma 20 mg.
» Shukti Bhasma 20 mg.
» Kamdudha Ras 10 mg.
» Yashad Bhasma 10 mg.

Dosage of Acidinol Tablet:
Adults: 2 Tablets three times in a day with plenty of water
Children: 1 Tablet three times in a day with plenty of water
As directed by the Physician.