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Ban Labs Dermafex Cream


Dermafex Cream
As a local therapy for skin disorders like acne and leucoderma Dermafex cream is a balanced combination of anti bacterials, emollient and helps to normalize melanin distribution pattern. Banlabs Dermafex cream contains powerful antibacterial and antifungal herbs that checks infection as well as nourishes the skin.

Indication/usage of Dermafex Cream:
» Pruritus
» Pyaemia
» Skin Allergies
» Pimples and Acne
» Discolouration of Skin
» Contact Allergic Eczema
» Strike at Pathogens, Relieves Itching
» Corrects Allergic Manifestations.

Composition of Dermafex Cream:
Each Dermafex Cream Contains:
» Matricaria Chemomilla Ext. (Ful Babuna) 1% w/w
» Jasminum Officinale Ext.(Chameli Pest) 1% w/w    
» Berberis Aristata (Daru Haldi) Ext. 1% w/w    
» Bergenia Saxifragra Ext. (Pashanbhed) 1% w/w    
» Leptadenia Reticulata Ext. (Jivanti) 1% w/w    
» Mallotus Phillippensis Ext. (Kapilo) 0.1% w/w    
» Bruhad Marichyadi Oil 10% w/w    
» Tankankhar Shuddha 1% w/w    
» Yashad Bhasma Shuddha 2% w/w    
» Cream Base 100%

Direction For Use of Dermafex Cream :
Apply as a thin layer once or several times daily or as directed by the Physician. For External Use Only