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Banjaras Black Henna With Aloevera

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Banjara’s Black Henna with Aloe Vera, enriched with Natural Henna, Amla, Shikakai, Avocado oil, Grape Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Neeli, Aloe Vera Oil, has anti - inflammatory, emollient and nourishing properties helping to maintain healthy, thick hair. Research shows that aloevera contains 5 natural agents which prevents scalp inflammation.

Have a healthy and nourished hair with the use of Banjaras Black Henna Enrich with Aloe Vera which will give you a natural looking color as the product has natural henna in it. The Shikakai used in the product is known for its natural properties which helps hair growth and also cures skin problems like dandruff. To improve your hair strength and to stop premature graying, the amla contents used in the product is perfect. Amla treats dandruff and works as a good conditioner to your hair. The grape seed oil and the avocada oil help to grow your hair faster and moisturizes the scalp and the hair. The vitamin E present in the product will give your hair the required nutrients and nourishment to make them healthy. Being antioxidant in nature the aloe Vera oil will make your hair beautiful and attractive. Have a beautiful and healthy hair.

Made by the Banjaras the black henna is perfect to give your hair a great look and it surely will make you stunning. The henna is being made with all the natural ingredients which will not only give your hair a fabulous color, but also protect it from various skin ailments.

Take the requried black henna in a bowl with proportionate water and make a paste. Apply the paste on hair. It spread quickly and evenly right to the roots of your hair. Wait for 15-20 minutes till it get dried. Wash of the hair it gives silkness and shine leaving your hair soft and delightfully manageable