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Banjaras Multani Cucumber 15 Minutes Therapy

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Multani Cucumber 15 Minutes Therapy
Banjaras Multani with Cucumber hydrates,softens,relaxes,it strengthens your connective skin tissue,prevents water retention and reduces swelling,relieves you from irritations,soothes sunburns. It provides refreshing smooth skin and has mild astringent effect on the skin.It improves the complextion of the skin.

Acquire a wonderfully healthy skin like never before by using this Multani Cucumber from Banjaras. This face pack provides the No.1 remedy for your skin after a hot day out in the sun. You are definite to obtain a refreshing and smooth skin with mild astringent effects using the face cream. Enhance the glow of your face in a natural way by using this excellent cream. You can use this cream with rose water for obtaining significant results. The cream is enriched with cucumber, which promotes a healthy skin to you. It effectively fades dark circles under your eyes; reduce puffy eyes and fade freckles on your face greatly. It improves the complexion of your face by rejuvenating the skin and leaves your skin glowing by fading away the scars and pigmentation of your face. The cream helps in tightening open pores and acts as an excellent toner and aids you in acquiring an even skin tone.

This Multani Cucumber from Banjaras is available in a cream formulation in a tube of 100 grams. It is suitable for all skin types in a highly affordable price. Hydrate your face for a long time and feel relaxed by making use of this Multani Cucumber from Banjaras. 

Spread the paste gently and equally with your fingertips on your clean face and neck ,keep for 15 mins.then wash it off with cold water, pat your skin dry with a clean towel.