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Capro Hairich Oil


Hairich Oil
(Hair tonic for total hair growth and health)
Hairich oil provides nourishment to hair follicle and enhances hair growth by local application. The ingredients of Hairich oil also treat many disorders of hair. Hairich oil, by virtue of its efficacy has been well accepted by its customers.
Khalitya (Baldness), Phalitya (Grey hair), Unmada (Insanity), Daranaka (Dandruff), Medhya (Poor memory).
» Stops hair fall, prevents premature greying, promotes hair growth.
» Controls dandruff, ensures the hair growth.
» Promotes natural and sound sleep, Calms down mind and improves memory
Each 100 ml contains:
Botanical Name Sanskrit Name Qty in mg
Boswellia wahru Kunduru (Gum resin) 6 mg
Celastrus paniculata Katumbhi/ Jyothishmathi (Seed) 6 mg
Eclipta alba Bringaraja (Leaves) 10 mg
Hibiscus rosa sinensis Japakusum (Flower) 22 mg
Indigofera tinctoria Neela (Plant) 6 mg
Myristica fragrans Jathiphala (Fruit) 10 mg
Nigella sativa Krishna Jeera (Seed) 6 mg
Ocimum sanctum Tulasi (Herb) 10 mg
Phyllanthus niruri Bhoomyamalaki (Herb) 6 mg
Picrorrhiza kurroa Katuka (Root, Stem) 6 mg
Tectona grandis Saka (Leaves) 6 mg
Vernonia cineria Sahadevi (Herb) 6 mg
Coconut oil base
5ml of oil to be massaged on the scalp gently at least ½ hour before bath.