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Charak Femiplex Tablets



Femiplex Tablets

1) Excessive vaginal discharge due to fungal / bacterial / protozoal infection
2) Abnormal / excessive vaginal discharge associated with pregnancy
3) Recurrent vaginitis

2 tablets twice a day till discharge stops, followed by 1 tablet bid for three months to check recurrence.

1) Ashoka chhal, Lodhra, Kankola and Phitkari Shuddha are astringents that reduce excessive vaginal discharge.
2) Triphala and japa chhal relieve pruritus.
3) Chandanam, Daruharidra, Ashoka chhal and Trivang bhasma treat the vaginal discharge of infective origin.
4) Gandharars, Gokshru and triphala act as pelvic decongestants thereby decreasing the amount of vaginal discharge.
5) Loh bhasma and Guduchi provide nutritional support.
6) Ashwagandha, Shatavari and Chandanam allay anxiety and normalize mood swing.
7) Thus, FEMIPLEX offers a complete treatment for leucorrhoea of mixed etiology by virtue of its ingredients.

1)  Maintain good hygiene of vaginal area.
2)  If you find any discharge or itching, take medical advice immediately
3)  Wear undergarments which fit well and which absorb moisture eg.cotton
4)  Do eat balanced meals and healthy food, and get the right amount of sleep. Eat a nutritious meal rich in fresh vegetables and fruits. Avoid high fat meals.
5)  Do take your medicine regularly. Your medicine wont work if you only take it once in a while.
6)  Consumption of cows milk, cows ghee is useful.

1)  Excessive vaginal douching with strong chemicals can cause harm.
2)  Wearing of nylon undergarments can lead to inflammation and itching. Avoid them.