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Dabur Agastya Haritakyavaleha

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Dabur Agastya Haritaki Avaleha is time tested Ayurvedic formulation; it is semi solid paste and provides effective relief in bronchitis, asthma, chronic and old cough conditions. It is also recommended in conditions of breathlessness caused due to cough, cold, fever, bronchitis and asthma.

Recommended in Tuberculosis, Bronhitis, Asthma, Fever, Breathless ness, Hiccough, Piles, Loss of taste, Common Cold and Dysentery, Premature wrinkles and premature greying of hair. This Rasayan promotes strength and complexion and rejuvenates the body (Rasayan)

Dose: 2- 4 teaspoonful (12-24gm) twice a day or as directed by the Physician. 

Diet: Light and easily digestible food

Ingredients:Each 100 gm is prepared/derived from:
» Haritaki 6.51gm
» Yava 40gm
» Shalparani
» Brihati
» Kantakari
» Gokshura
» Bilva
» Agnimantha
» Shonaka
» Gambhari
» Patala 0.625gm each
» Chitraka 12.5 gm
» Pippali Mool
» Apamarga
» Shati
» Atmagupta
» Shankhapushpi
» Bharangi
» Gajapippali
» Bala
» Pushkara 1.25 gm each
» Goghrita
» Til Tail 5gm each
» Guda 62.5 gm
» Madhu, 
» Pippali 2.5gm each.