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Gufic Livpar Tablets

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Gufic Biosciences Livpar Tablets 
Liver tonic par excellence

Benefits of Gufic Biosciences Livpar Tablets :

Reduction in liver inflammation and congestion
» Normally, the first reaction of liver cells to any type of injury or infection or to hepatotoxivs is inflammation. This leads to hepalic congestion, which may again damage the liver cells. The inflammation continues, to some extent, even after the removal of causative factors, i.e. hepatotoxic drugs. Hence, the priority should be given to reduction of inflammation and congestion. Bhumyamalaki and Kakdani act as anti-inflammatory agents and alternate inflammation.

Clearance of Jaundice (Hyperbilirubinemia)
» Jaundice or icteria is due to excessive circulation of bilirubin in the blood. The cause may be haemolytic or hepatocellular or any obstruction in the biliary flow. Blood levels of liver enzymes (SGOT* and SGPT)** are also elevated. The drug administered, should reduce this icteria by either correcting dysfunction of parenchymal cells or reducing destruction of the cells or by removing obstruction from the biliary flow. * Serum Glutamic Oxaloacetic Transaminase ** Serum Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase.
Kutki has been proved to normalise SG-OT and SG-PT levels. Bhringraj also supports this activity of Kutki and assures speedy recovery.

Promotion of normal bile secretion
» Bile, the secretion of liver, is essential for the emulsification of fats in the process of digestion. In an healthy individual the secretion of bile is regulated by liver according to the fat content in the food. In abnormal conditions, this secretion is either increased or decreased. Many a times, the secretion is normal, but it does not reach the duodenum because of some obstruction, In such cases, promotion of normal bile secretion and clearance of obstruction for the smooth flow till duodenum, is necessary.
» Sharpunkha, Bhringraj and Kasni act as cholagogue. These drugs ensure normal bile secretion and thereby help the process of digestion.

Regeneration of liver parenchymal cells
» Liver cell injury is caused due to various factors like viruses, (hepatitis A, B) hepatotoxins (ethanol), hepatotoxic drugs (isoniazid, acetaminophen) or direct injury. In these conditions, the highly efficient hepatocytes are lost which are specially designed to perform various metabolic and detoxicating functions. In short, liver cell injury leading to loss of hepatocytes hampers body metabolism process, which is an important function of the liver. Regeneration of liver cells becomes essential in case of heavy loss of hepatocytes.
» Piltapapada Kutki and Sharapunkha act as hepatic stimulants. These help regeneration of parenchymal cells.

Stimulation, regulation and maintenance of normal liver function
» The conditions mentioned earlier (hepatitis, fatty liver etc.) are responsible for a dull and sluggish liver which is inactive to undergo its regular functioning. Therefore stimulation of liver for the normal functioning, regulation of the existing normal functioning and maintenance of the same, projects the ideal treatment for liver disorders.
» Kutki, Pittapapada and Sharapuhkha help stimulation of hepatic cells to normalise the functions. As liver is a key organ, its functioning has to be maintained in a normal status. The above mentioned herbs help this process.

Protection against various hepatotoxius
» Whatever we eat is metabolised in the liver as a general rule. Liver is an organ which protects the body from various toxic substances entering into the body through various food items, drug-therapy etc. It has a tremendous capacity to detoxify all such substances entering through a blood channel. In other words, liver “Purifies” the blood. Normal liver is capable enough for this functioning. But the patients kept on the antitubercular treatment or antiepileptic treatment comes under high risk of toxicity as these drugs have the direct toxic effects on the liver. Therefore, it is safe to administer some hepatoprotective agent along with such treatment.
» Bhumyamalaki and Kutki have proven efficacy to protect liver against various hepatotoxius.

Promotion of appetite and growth
» A case of chronic anorexia without any other systemic cause is often due to improper functioning of liver. Stimulation of liver facilitates bile secretion, which would help in faster digestion of heavy fatty foods. This way anorexia is relieved, appetite is increased and hence general health is improved. Haritaki is a Rasayana. It has a capacity to restore and maintain normal digestive process. It has a mild laxative effect. It moves up the entire digestive system including liver.

Indications of Gufic Biosciences Livpar Tablets :
» General liver dysfunction
» Acute and chronic hepatitis
» Jaundice
» Fatty degeneration of liver Cirrhosis
» Liver damage due to alcohol hepatotoxic drugs, etc.
» Anorexia and indigestion

Composition of Gufic Biosciences Livpar Tablets :
» Each Tablet contains extracts equivalent to 
» Bhumyaamlaki (Phyllanthus niruri) 180 mg
» Pitta papda (Fumaria parviflora) 100 mg
» Kutki (Picrorrhiza kurroa) 100 mg
» Kakdani (Capparis spinosa) 075 mg
» Bhringraj (Eclipta alba) 075 mg
» Kasni (Cichorium intybus) 075 mg
» Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) 075 mg
» Sharpunkha (Tephrosia purpurea) 060 mg

Dosage of Gufic Biosciences Livpar Tablets :
ADULTS : 1 to 2 tablets thrice daily OR as directed by the physician.
CHILDREN (Above 8 years of age) : 1 tablet thrice daily OR as directed by the physician