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KPN Bilex Capsules

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Bilex Capsule (Natural Guard Of Liver) :-
Bilex is a preventive medicine to guard against an attack of Jaundice, Liver disorders and anemia. It is a natural guard against "Fatty Liver" caused by excessive intake of alcohol.Bilex is also recommended as a precaution dose to those who have started showing symptoms of jaundice or any other liver related diseases.

INGREDIENTS: (EACH 650 mg Capsule is prepared out of) : CosciniumFenestraturn- GacrtnColebr - 0.093, RicinusCommunis, L - 0.008, RicinusCommunis, L - 0.102, CuminumCyminum, L - 0.017, Piper Longum, L - 0.001, GlycyrrhizaGlabra - 0.008, TinosporaCordi folia, Miers - 0.040, Asparagus Racemosus, illd - 0.032, Prunus, Serassoides, D.Don - 0.082, CentellaAsiatica - 0.055.

USAGE : 3 capsules daily in empty stomach in the morning. 
Adults:    3 capsules daily.
Children: 2 Capsules daily or as directed by the physician.