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KPN Bilex Powder

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Bilex Powder(Rapid Remedy for Jaundice):-
Bilex is a preventive medicine to guard against an attack of Jaundice and Liver disorders. BILEX’ is a wonderful specific prepared by the combination of several rare Ayurvedic ingredients of inestimable medicinal value and intended to cure the deadly disease ‘Jaundice’ which is widely prevalent throughout the length and breadth of the country. A dose of ‘BILEX’ is sufficient to cure the disease in initial stages but another dose may be necessary to afford complete relief in chronic and severe cases. Once opened, the contents of a bottle should be used not later than three weeks since its efficacy may wane after that date.

INGREDIENTS : CosciniumFenestratum- GacrtnColebrRicinusCommunis, L RicinusCommunis, L CuminumCommunis, L phylanthusAmarus Curcuma Longa, L Piper Longum, L GlycyrrhizaGlabraTinosporaCordifolia, MiersaspsragusRacemosus, illdPrunusSerassoides, D. Don CenthellaAsiatica 
Restriction: ‘Bilex’ is not harmful in any way. It has no reaction. It will not do any harm even if taken by persons who are not suffering from jaundice. It can administered to the patient without any elaborate restrictions. It cures the slightest attack of jaundice. That is its peculiar characteristic.

DOSAGE : 8gm. Bottle packing ‘BILEX’
 For all persons above 12 years - 8gm
 For those from 6 to 12 years,3/4 part - 6gm
 For those from 3 to 6 years, ½ part - 4gm
 For those from 2 to 3 years, ¼ Part -2gm
 For infants living on breast milk below 2 years – 1 – ¾ - ½ gram may be given according to age mixed in   breast milk.No harm will be done even if the dosage is increased or decreased slightly.