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Millennium Bronkasava


Benefits :-

Delays and Prevents recurrence and relapse of symptoms of bronchial asthma by strengthening the bronchial tree.
Relieves airflow obstruction and swelling by antiinflammatory and antihistaminic action, thereby facilitating comfortable breathing,
Reduces frequent bronchial hyper responsiveness by enhancing immunity
Mucolytic and expectorant action releases mucus from bronchial tree.
Builds up immunity and brings down the frequency and intensity of seasonal attacks.
Improves the quality of life
Safe for long term use
No drug tolerance or tachyphylaxis

Bronchial asthma, Allergic bronchitis

Ingreideints :

    Bronkasav has presence of Kantakari, Yashtimadhu, Kanaka and Bharangi which are bronchodilators and help to facilitate easy breathing.

    Yashtimadhu, Vasa, Soonth, Lavang, Talispatra help liquefy mucus and easy expectoration of phlegm.

    Yashtimadhu, Ginger have potent anti inflammatory action and help reduce inflammation of the airways thereby reducing forced breathing.

    Yashtimadhu, Soonth are potent immunity enhancer and immunomodulatory which enhance immunity and prevent recurrence of asthamatic attack.

Dosage :

 Liquid :-Adults: 10-15 ml diluted with equal quantity of water twice daily for minimum 3 months or as advised by the physician.