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Santhigiri Udhwarthana Choornam

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Udvartana – ubtan, a treatment explained in Ayurvedic treatises is an ultimate remedy for many metabolic and lifestyle disorders.
We are all very well used to the sophistication of modern day life and food, we are in fact trapped in its fantasies and illusions, so much and so deep that we are held at the point of no return. We have deviated from the ethics and moralities of a holistic way of life. We are consciously doing many mistakes which Ayurvedic people call Prajgnaparadha. As a result we have become victims to many lifestyle and metabolic disorders which have become a challenge to the medical world. Obesity, Diabetes, High cholesterol, High blood pressure (Hypertension) are some of the modern day diseases which we have given origin to and they in return are haunting and hunting down the humanity.

Correction of diet and lifestyle is a perfect answer for reversing many disorders but many times these disorders have become so stubborn that they do not respond to any sort of treatment or medicines.

Udvartana has been practised to perfection by Ayurvedic doctors for ages. It is an important therapy and mandatory inclusion in Ayurvedic obesity and slimming clinics and weight reduction programs. Udvartana is not limited just to treat obesity or address overweight issues; it is a remedy for wide array of problems. Udwartana has been included as a part of Dinacharya (daily healthy regimen) and can be done daily.
Isn’t it mouth watering to know more about Udvartanam !

In this article I shall take you through all the details regarding this wonderful treatment.

What is Udwarthanam?
The term Udwarthanam can be split as Urdhwa and Varthanam
Urdhwa means Upward
Varthanam means to move
Udwartanam thus means ‘to move something in an upward movement’
Udwarthana also means elevation
Udwarthanam is a special type of Abhyanga (massage) in which –
Herbal powders are used for massaging (oils also may be used)

Massage is done in an upward direction i.e. from below upwards (opposite to the traditional or conventional massage as done in Abhyanga in which strokes are given from above downwards). Massage is done in a direction opposite to that of the body hairs (which point downwards) i.e. Pratiloma gati. This means to tell that when Udwarthana is done, we are massaging in such a way that we are elevating the hairs from a ‘downward pointing direction’ and push them so as to change their direction and point upwards (the hairs come back to their normal position after the procedure is completed).