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Santhigiri Vaiswanara Choornam

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Vaiswanara Choornam is an Ayurvedic medicine, in herbal powder form.  It is used in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, constipation, and diseases of digestive track. Vaishvanara means fire in Sanskrit. Hence this product is useful to correct digestive fire (system). 

Vaiswanara Choornam benefits:

It is used in treating rheumatoid arthritis, constipation, abdominal pain and bloating.

It improves digestion, strength and immunity.

This is excellent for motion.

Effect on Tridosha – Calms Vata and Pitta

Vaishvanar Churna dosage: 
1 – 3  grams  once or twice a day before or after food or as directed by your doctor.
It is traditionally given with supernatent watery portion of curds, fermented gruel, buttermilk, ghee or hot water.
For rheumatoid arthritis, it is given along with buttermilk or hot water.
To improve digestion, it is given along with fermetned druel, watery portion of curds and buttermilk.
For people with sensitive stomach, it is given with ghee, to improve digestion.

Vaishvanara Choornam Side Effects: 
Overdosage may lead to diarrhea
People with hypertension should take this medicine only under medical supervision.

Vaishvanara Choornam Ingredients:
Manimantha – Saindhava lavana – Rock salt – 20 grams
Yamani – Trachyspermum ammi – 20 grams
Ajamoda – Trachyspermum roxburghianum – 30 grams
Nagara – Ginger – Zingiber officinalis – 50 grams
Haritaki – Terminalia chebula – 120 grams

Reference for vaisvanara choornam: Chakradatta Amavachikitsa 15-18, Sahasrayoga, Astangahridayam.