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Zymnet Syrup


Aimil Zymnet Syrup/Tablets is a formulation which is well acceptable, effective and has been found to stimulate digestion, absorption, regulate enzymatic activity in gastrointestinal tract and at the same time relieves gases, griping and control nausea & vomiting. Zymnet is an ideal and quick remedy for gastro-intestinal disorders. It has been proved to be one of the most effective, well balanced formulations, a natural dimension to digestion, appetizing, anti-flatulence derived from herbo-mineral sources.

Salient  Features of Aimil Zymnet :
» Restores digestive ability.
» Maintains the normal intestinal flora (it helps in maintaining the natural functions of GIT).
» Increases the secretion of digestive juices, hence provokes appetite and prevents abdominal
   discomfort due to indigestion.
» Improves absorption & assimilation of food and also helps in normal growth in Children.
» Reduces flatulence (an outcome of sedentary habits), acts as carminative.
» Relieves nausea and regulates gastro-intestinal motility. 
» Makes a person feel light and comfortable.

How  Aimil Zymnet is Beneficial ?
» Does not cause Gastro-Intestinal disturbance.
» No abdominal discomfort, dizziness or drowsiness.
» Provokes appetite and helps in digestion.
» Completely Safe.

Indications for Aimil Zymnet :
» Indigestion
» Dyspepsia
» Flatulence
» Anorexia
» Nausea
» Morning  Sickness
» Hyper  Acidity
» Gripes & Colics or as Directed  by the Physiclan.

Dosages of Aimil Zymnet :

Syrup :
Adults     :  2 teaspoonful thrice daily.
Children  : 1 teaspoonful thrice daily.

Tablets : 
Adults     :  2 tablets thrice daily after meals
Children  : 1 tablet thrice daily

Safety :
Aimil Zymnet  is not associated with side effects on short / long term in therapeutic recommended dosage. Still, if a patient suffers from any discomfort with intake of Zyment usage must be stopped and professional consultation be taken.